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Progress is the amount and speed our pupils learn from when they start with us.  Pupils across ACE are making great progress in academic subjects, social and emotional skills, attendance and returning to school or college places.


We thank parents for the help they give in making sure their child comes to school regularly.

  • Attendance continues to improve across ACE and is now 12% higher than last year ( July 2012 compared to July 2013). We want this to improve further.
  • Good attendance in school is the key to your child’s success.  We have a dedicated team of staff to support good attendance.

Parents views of ACE

ACE would welcome your views and invite you to give them via the official web site link:

 Parent survey July 2013

100% say they feel safe

97% say they are kept well informed about their child

93% say they are pleased with the work ACE does with their child

89% say their child is doing well

Here is the link to November 2013 Ofsted report

Pupil Premium

Every school has a duty to ensure that every individual child is given the best possible chance of achieving their potential.

The Government provides Pupil Premium funding to help address national inequalities between the achievements of children eligible for free school meals or children in care when compared with their wealthier peers.

The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools based on the number of students who are known to be eligible for free school meals and children who have been continuously looked after for more than six months.

It is for each school individually to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent since we are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual students.

This year our projected spend on interventions to improve the outcomes for our Pupil Premium pupils is ~£120,000.

We provide a personalised programme for each of our pupils based on need so there are also non-Pupil Premium pupils who benefit from these initiatives.


We have continued with our whole school initiative for development of literacy involving all staff in training to use synthetic phonics, to support reading and integration of literacy across the curriculum.

We have increased the provision of extraction for 1 to 1 literacy support lessons with  subject specialist teachers to raise pupils’ literacy levels to enable them to access the wider curriculum and help prepare them for the world outside of school.

Our Renaissance Reading programme, for all pupils, to raise reading ages is delivered through English lessons. Pupils are assigned a book appropriate to their reading age and are assessed online to move on to the next level. This programme also benefits more able readers as it moves them on quickly to higher level texts.

Vocational Learning

We place many Key Stage 4 pupils in training environments to suit their interests, for example construction, catering, equine studies, art, and music to develop their skills and provide a pathway to future employment opportunities. Through these courses they gain qualifications and are also taught maths and English. Most pupils combine these opportunities with time at school in regular lessons.

Residential experience

We fully funded a 2 day residential experience for some pupils at Bretonside. This was the first time we have tried such events and plans are already afoot for the next ones!


This year we set up a new provision for secondary pupils needing a more practical topic based learning experience more akin to the primary model, with an emphasis on learning outside the classroom and support from Youth Workers.

Careers Fair at Birmingham NEC

We arranged a trip for our year 11 pupils to the NEC at Birmingham for a careers fair. This experience was supported by Careers Southwest to widen their horizons from the south west peninsula and the opportunities open to them.

Curriculum Focus Days

Across the service our year 11 pupils are involved in various day events to support them with exam coursework and focus on maximising achievement at GCSE. Working through a series of practical activities individually tailored to their needs, with refreshments provided, it gives them an opportunity to address any issues they may have and develop a mature attitude to managing their learning.

Identification of need and allocation of additional support

This year we set up a Pastoral Team which meets once a fortnight to identify and monitor the need for additional support of High Profile Vulnerable Users including pupils with safeguarding needs.

This is in addition to the main referral route for staff having concerns about a pupil.

The team draws on support from a wide range of agencies such as Youth Offending Team, Educational Welfare Officer, Educational Psychologists, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Harbour Drug and Alcohol Services, Barnardos, NSPCC and many more.

Staff involved with the team have been undergoing more specialised training in various aspects of Child Protection and have delivered whole staff training to raise awareness of the issues our young people face.


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